As a gateway to the art island of Naoshima. You will be greeted by unique art exhibitons and the fascinating seascape of Setouchi. Enjoy sightseeing in Tamano City after a nice warm bath!

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Tamagawa journey 1

Yayoi Kusama "Red pumpkin"
2006 Naoshima Island / Miyaura port green area
Photo / Daisuke Aochi

直 島

A manned island located 2 km south of Uno Port in Tamano City. It attracts attention in the construction of art museums which began in the 90's and various art projects. At the Seto Inland International Art Festival, it is a central spot and you can enjoy various permanent exhibitions outside the exhibition period of the Arts Festival.

About 20 minutes by ferry from Uno City Tamano City, about 15 minutes by passenger boat
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It is the second largest manned island in the Seto Inland Sea, cultivating olives, oranges, plums is popular utilizing the temperate climate. There are many spots abound in the natural landscape peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea such as Kankakei which are designated also in the Seto Inland Sea National Park and Angel Road (Sandbank) connectingYoshima Island from Shodoshima Island's Maejima Island.

About 1 hour 30 minutes by ferry from Uno port of Tamano City, about 1 hour by passenger boat
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Teshima Island

A manned island located between Naoshima Island and Shodoshima Island. It is famous as an art island lined with Naoshima Island, many people from Japan and abroad are visiting. You can enjoy both artworks set in various places on the island and idyllic rice terraced landscapes, and a unique time peculiar to the island in Setouchi flows.

45 minutes by ferry from Uno City Tamano City, about 25 minutes by passenger boat
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Setouchi charity uninhabited island

KUJIRA - JIMA is a completely deserted island. A campground is also available with the concept of "island" limited to one group limited daily camp. Activities that can enjoy fishing, kayaks, SUP, sunset cruises and the Seto Inland Sea are enriched, too. It is out of the bustle of the city and you can enjoy the island time you spend alone with your friends.

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It monopolizes the beautiful scenery of Mt. Oujigatake in which the Tama Tomi and the rocks of the Seto Inland Sea weave. The view of Setonai which looks at from the sky is exceptional. You can also experience tandem (two-seater) flying by veteran instructors.

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Marine Sports

The coastline of the Shibukawa Coast, which was chosen as one of Japan's 100 beaches, is about 1 kilometer long and you can enjoy various marine sports.

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Seto-Ohashi BridgeCountry club

The Seto-Ohashi Bridge country club opened in a hilly area. Although there are few hazards overall, the course design that skillfully utilizes the topography of nature, and the wind of Setouchi changing every second makes the course more varied and enjoys the real pleasure of golf that opposes nature I can do it.

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Okayama prefecture Tamano City waterfall 1640-1

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Toujigaoka Marine Hills Golf Club

Panorama of scenic nature spreads grandly in the field of 1.7 million square meters in total area overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. A wide and flat layout of individuality and a strategically rich course will not only hone the skills of the golfers but also give me intelligence and courage.

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Tamano-shi, Okayama prefecture Shimoyamasaka 1345

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Tamano Golf Club

Tamano Golf Club is the first 18 holes in Okayama Prefecture, built in the valley of October 1967, wishing for the Seto Inland Sea. It is a highly strategic champion course rich in strategy. The trees and the beautiful flowers that grew the rings in the 40 years of years will entertain the taste of the seasons.

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Okayama prefecture Tamano city Uno 6-1-1

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Seto Inland SeaLuxury Cruise

I will go around the islands floating in Seto in the yacht. A yacht cruise that feels extraordinary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can lean yourself in the winds of the sea and enjoy the island tour around nature · art · living.

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Smuggled Tama Travels 3

Mt. Oujigatake

There is a boardwalk along the hillside and you can enjoy a hiking course. Sakura, azalea, straw and herbs are spreading in the western part of the summit, and you can enjoy walking while looking at the color of the seasons and the sea of ​​Seto.

About 25 minutes by bus from Uno station


It is a mountain with an altitude of 403 m located at the boundary between Okayama City's southernmost end and Tamano City. The skyline is maintained and you can climb the top of the mountain by car or motorcycle. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and night view.

About 30 minutes by bus from Uno station


We can enjoy seasonal flowers such as plum, camellia, azalea, maple, including about 7,000 cherry blossoms. In addition, the park has a walk course to fully enjoy the lush nature represented by five ponds and pine forests.

About 15 minutes by bus from Uno station

Shibukawa Park

A wondrous wisteria treasure boasting about one hundred and one-half of Japan's length, about 900 meters in length, is a highlight. The wine produced from this wisteria fruit, "Fuji Romant of Ten Years Selection Tama" is certified as "Tama Tama Mark" by Tamano brand.

About 30 minutes by bus from Uno station

Shibukawa Beach

The coastline of the white sand awamori is about 1 kilometer long and is a beautiful beach chosen to be selected as "100 Beaches in Japan" and "100 Blessing Water Baths". You can also enjoy various sports including wind surfing, yachting and beach football.

About 30 minutes by bus from Uno station

Smaho Tama Travel 4


In the indoor zone where you can play even on rainy days, you can enjoy pavilions that you can enjoy, such as Tomica, Plarail, Rika chan house. In the outdoor zone, there are about 19 kinds of attractions such as large Ferris wheel and go-kart.

It takes about 20 minutes by car from JR Uno station, about 30 minutes by bus
Opening hours 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
Closed every Tuesday
(However, it is open during holidays, GW, spring break, summer vacation, winter holiday)

Contact Us/Omotya-Oukoku
Okayama prefecture Tamano City waterfall 1640-1

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ShibukawaMarine Aquarium

It is a historical museum opened in 1952 with the theme of the sea, there is an aquarium and a display hall. The aquarium exhibits 2,000 items of 180 species of marine life in various parts of Japan centered on the Seto Inland Sea in large and small aquariums.

About 30 minutes by bus from JR Uno station
Normal time 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 16:30)
Beach beach opening period 8: 30 ~ 17: 30
(Admission is until 17:00) Closed Wednesday

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Okayama prefecture Tamano city Shibukawa 2 - chome 6-1 6-1

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Shibukawa Zoo Park

You can see and touch about familiar animals such as llama and capybara, horses, monkeys, sheep and so on close to the natural topography of the hilly as it is, and to play with that popular tortoise 'Abu -'.

Approximately 25 minutes by car from JR Uno Station
Business hours 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Entrance until 16:30
7 days a week

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~ Other tourist information ~

宇野港Pleasure boat

"About use of Umino station of Uno · Uno port"
When mooring a boat, please submit a "moat of Umo port station" moored facility application form.

Tamano Tourist Association

Tamano-shi is surrounded by peaceful Seto Inland Sea and mountains full of green. It boasts a temperate climate and beautiful nature. Sometimes Tamano, how are you?


Besides the contemporary art festival held every three years "Setouchi International Art Festival", we are also engaged in outgoing and enthusiastic activities other than the year of the art festival, and the whole activity is "ART SETOUCHI" .