Tamanoyu specialties
Excellent efficacyNatural hot spring

Tamanoyu of hot water is calcium · sodium chloride fountain, "moisturizing hot water" with high moisturizing · heat retention effect.
It is rich in valuable radon ingredients nationwide, it is also called a "hot soup of a million diseases", it is an excellent treatment fount of efficacy.
And weak alkaline hot water melts sebum and softens the horny skin, so it is also called "beautiful skin noodles · beautiful waters" where the skin becomes smooth.
In addition, Pottery bath has become a single person bathing shower.

Open-air bath "SAWA"

Kotaki runs through the trees, full of nostalgia "Sawa no yu".
With the emotion, you can enjoy a plentiful sea view.

Open-air bath "TANADA"

Open-air bath "TANADA" which produces a harmonious sum space with the ridges of the stones.
The calm wind and beautiful scenery in Setouchi will heal your heart.

Open-air bath "SAWA" and Open-air bath "TANADA" each with different taste,
Such as "TOUKI BURO" of hanging out and "KAZE NO YUBUNE" feeling the sea breeze,
We also have various bath tubs for enjoyment.

A hot spring feeling the wind


The bathtub nearest to the ocean is a "KAZE NO YUBUNE".
You can enjoy bathing while feeling the sea breeze.

Pottery bath


"TOUKI BURO" using Shigaraki pottery.
There are three bathtubs in each bath and you can enjoy hot-spring water.

To take a bath while lying


Enclose the surrounding with granite, lengthen your limbs and lie down,You can relax by entrusting your body to hot water.

Inside hot spring


High temperature bath is clean water, low temperature bath isYou can enjoy natural hot springs.

~ Fountain quality / efficacy ~

Calcium · sodium chloride fountain, "Moist warm water" with high moisturizing and heat retention effect.
It contains a valuable radon ingredient nationwide and is also called "hot water of all sorts", it is an excellent treatment fount of efficacy.
The main indications are gout, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, crackling, burns and so on.

Information on changing bathrooms~ Exchange every Monday ~

Open-air bath "TANADA"
Open-air bath "SAWA"
13日〜19日 女湯 男湯
20日〜26日 男湯 女湯
27日〜30日 女湯 男湯
Open-air bath "TANADA"
Open-air bath "SAWA"
1日~3日 女湯 男湯
4日〜10日 男湯 女湯
11日〜17日 女湯 男湯
18日〜24日 男湯 女湯
25日〜31日 女湯 男湯

* Bathrooms are subject to change due to circumstances.

Fatigue recovery,
To promote metabolism ...

In Tamanoyu, we have two kinds of saunas in each bathroomI prepared it.

Salt sauna


Salt sauna which enjoys by sipping salt in the body. The perspiration action of salt sheds waste of the body to urge disinfection and cleaning of the skin surface.



Sauna facility with sauna stove. Because the seat is spacious with three steps, the feeling of relaxation is also a perfect score.

How to enjoy hot springs
~ Open-air bath ~

The outdoor bath is wide, and the opening feeling is also a thing.
Please enjoy the exhilarating hot water while feeling the sea breeze in the two outdoor baths Open-air bath "SAWA" and Open-air bath "TANADA" facing the sea.
Relax and soak in the hot water, please enjoy the Setouchi time to your heart's content.

~Inside hot spring~

There is hot bath by the clean water, natural hot spring of the low temperature bath in inside hot spring.
Because the hot water of Tamanoyu is a high quality salt water, we recommend that you take a bath of 'Atsume (hot water)' for people with weak skin.
Also, those who are not good at high temperature should enjoy bathing with "Tepid (natural hot spring)".